Twisty puzzle sticker counter

Twisty puzzle sticker calculator

This twisty puzzle sticker calculator helps you calculate how many stickers you need for a twisty puzzle.

The program gives correct results only for the symmetric face-turning twisty puzzles. It's not working for void cubes and other mods where pieces are linked together or other custom designs.

The program gives a theoretical answer for impossible puzzles which in fact can't be produced. For example if you want to know how many stickers would be needed for a cube which has 300 corners but just 10 faces, you can count that too.

A few examples:

Puzzle Order Corners per face Number of faces Stickers
Rubik’s cube 3 4 6 54
V-Cube 7 7 4 6 294
Megaminx 3 5 12 132
Pocket cube 2 4 6 24
Teraminx 7 5 12 732


Enter the numbers and hit the Calculate stickers button to find the solution. Use the table above as a guide if you are unsure about some labels.