Rubik's Cube World Record - Patrick Ponce 4.69

This record has been broken: SeungBeom Cho (4.59).

15 year old Patrick Ponce (USA) set a new Rubik's Cube Word record single with an amazing 4.69 seconds result on the second round of the Rally In The Valley 2017 Middletown, Virginia USA competition on 2nd September 2017. He managed to shave four hundredth of a second from the former record set by Feliks Zemdegs, who is still holding the average record with 5.97 seconds.

patrick ponce world record single 4.69

Watch the video of his solve.

The solution

Scramble: B2 R2 U F2 D2 B U' R U' L F L F' L2 R D R'

x' y2 // inspection
r' (U D') R' F' (U D') // yellow cross
R' U R2 // 1st pair
U' R' U2 L' U L // 2nd pair
U' R U' R' U L U L' // 3rd pair
U U' U' F' R U R' U' R' F R // 4th pair
U' R U R' U R U2' R' // OLL(CP)
U2 // AUF

Previous results 

Patrick had 10 official sub-6s results, a 7.11 WR10 average and he was the third in the Nationals in 2017. He finished seventh on the World Rubik's Cube Championship 2017 when his best single was 5.47 seconds.

The table below sums up his current results in his WCA profile (2012PONC02).

rubiks cube wca pattrick ponce 2017

Interesting facts

Patrick is now the first person with two official sub-5s results.

He used a Boron Valk M, which is not available for purchase but it's very similar to Cubicle Valk M.

He started cubing five years ago and he's not planning to stop any time soon.

patrick ponce
Patrick Ponce