Dénes Ferenc

Dénes Ferenc portrait avatar 2012Dear Visitor! I'm Dénes Ferenc and I welcome you to Ruwix. I've created this website because I'm a big fan of the Rubik's Cube and other twisty puzzles and I want to help others discover its magic. I hope this website will help you understand the secrets of the World's best selling puzzle.

At home we've always had a Magic Cube and a few years ago I learned how to solve it and started to collect various types of twisty puzzles. In my collection I have about 80 puzzles and this number is still growing. I'm not a speedcuber, however I prefer to learn new types of puzzle solutions not just the classic 3x3x3.

The Ruwix website was launched in 2012 starring the online Rubik's Cube solver which was followed by other puzzle related online programs, a CubeTimer, Scrambler, online simulators, puzzle tutorials and the list goes on. The project came out pretty well and the site has about 17.000 - 20.000 visitors a day which is above my expectations taking into account that it all started as an experiment.

Dénes Ferenc lego rubiks cube microcontroller robot 2007

Back in 2009 I wrote a Rubik's Cube solving program and using that I built a microcontroller based robot to solve the cube. This was my diploma thesis and the beginning of my affair with the Magic Cube. Thanks to my project I, Dénes Ferenc had the chance to present my project in the Romanian and Hungarian national televisions and in a couple of newspapers. 🙂

After graduation I started working as a web developer/designer, so I decided to build my own website featuring the Online Rubik's Cube Solver, the Rubik's Cube Timer the Puzzle Scramble Generator and other cube-related online programs. Later I added the WCA Puzzle Simulators to the list. Everytime I bought a new puzzle for my collection I noted down the solution method so later I published these on this site so I can access them anytime I'm stuck solving one of my puzzles. Of course everyone is welcome to use my notes.

Dénes Ferenc portrait avatar 2012

The name of the website (Ruwix) was randomly generated by a company name generator program. It looks like the word 'RUBIX' with a tilted B. It's not hard to guess that the logo is the imitation of the Wikipedia logo made of an unfinished sphere constructed from jigsaw puzzle pieces.

I spent countless hours of my spare time working on this site so I hope you enjoy my work. If so, please like it, share it, spread the word.

Kind regards,
Dénes Ferenc