Dénes Ferenc, the Author of Ruwix

Dear Visitor!
I'm Dénes Ferenc, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to Ruwix. As an avid enthusiast of the Rubik's Cube and other twisty puzzles, I've created this webiste to share the magic of these captivating puzzles with others. I hope that Ruwix will serve as a valuable resource, unraveling the secrets behind the world's best-selling puzzle toy.

My fascination with twisty puzzles began at an early age. We've always had a Magic Cube at home, but as a child I could only solve one side. Several years ago, I had to learn its solution for a university assignment and soon found myself collecting different twisty puzzles. While I may not be a speedcuber, I find joy in exploring solutions for a variety of puzzles beyond the classic 3x3 Cube.

My First Cubing Project

Dénes Ferenc lego rubiks cube microcontroller robot 2007In 2009, I developed a Rubik's Cube solving robot as my diploma thesis. This was a microcontroller-based LEGO robot capable of scanning the colors of the scrambled cube, calculating the solution and executing the rotations. The process took roughly 120 steps and 30 minutes, using a layer-by-layer solution method I developed based on a Youtube tutorial.

This project was among the first Rubik robots in the World, before the speedcubing renaissance, when it was still hard to find a smoothly-turning speedcube.
This project marked the beginning of my cubing journey.

Watch my robot in action.

The History of Ruwix

Following graduation, I transitioned into the field of web design and development, prompting me to establish my own website featuring the Online Cube Solver 📟, Cube Timer ⏱️ , Scrambler 🔄 and Simulators 🎮. Additionally, I documented and published the solution methods for each new puzzle I added to my collection.

Dénes Ferenc portrait avatar 2012
The First Ruwix logo

Ruwix was launched in to 2012, featuring the online version of my layer-by-layer Rubik's Cube solver program. Since then, the platform has grown to encompass a collection of puzzle-related online tools and resources . Surpassing my initial expectations, Ruwix now welcomes around 20,000 visitors daily, which is above my expectations taking into account that it all started as an experiment.

Dénes Ferenc portrait avatar 2012The name "Ruwix" was randomly generated by a company name generator program, bearing resemblance to "RUBIX" with a tilted "B", but also Rubik's Wiki. Reflecting this, the logo mimics the Wikipedia logo, constructed from jigsaw puzzle pieces forming an unfinished sphere.

Countless hours of dedication have been poured into this project, fueled by my passion for puzzles. I sincerely hope you find enjoyment and value in exploring Ruwix. If you do, please consider spreading the word by liking and sharing our content.

Warm regards,
Dénes Ferenc