Rubik's Cube Curriculum Lessons for Educators

The Rubik’s Cube has remained a popular toy for all ages since its release in 1980. Despite being invented over four decades ago, the cube still challenges new generations and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop soon. The mathematical implementations behind the cube such as algorithms and combinations of moves help to make it a great educational tool. This combined with the hands-on learning style that it provides provide an entertaining and educational curriculum for students of all ages.

Rubik's Cube Curriculum Lessons for Educators

Welcome to the Rubik’s Cube curriculum. For each lesson, a class PowerPoint presentation and a teacher’s copy document have been provided. In each PowerPoint a new topic/stage in the Rubik’s Cube solution is explored, and in each document the stages are further explained and links to websites to help out students are provided.

Before we start

The Rubik’s Cube is not easy for beginners. It is advised that at the start of the first class you ask if there are any students who already know how to solve the cube. If so, they can help other students with prior knowledge of the puzzle. There are several stages that can appear confusing to students. The PowerPoint presentation has been written so that it is as simple as possible to follow, but even the simplest guides can be confusing. In each document, several links explaining more about each topic/stage covered will be provided to assist with any troubles that students may have. Solving the cube is a rewarding experience for everyone, however students must not be deterred by the apparent difficulty of the puzzle at the start.

It is also advised that a class set of Rubik’s Cubes is purchased. This can be either one each or one shared between two, however any less than that could hinder each students understanding of the puzzle.

There are many manufacturers offering various puzzle cubes. Please read our guide of choosing the best cube.

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