33x33x33 Rubik's Cube - World Record

This record has been broken!
Check out the 34x34x34 cube 

We published an article in 2016 about the World's largest order NxNxN Rubik's Cube-like twisty puzzle, the 22x22x22 cube created by corenpuzzle which exploded many times. This record was broken when the 33x33x33 cube came to live and announced today (Dec 2 2017).

33x33x33 rubiks cube

The creator of the huge puzzle is Grégoire Pfennig, a French mechanical engineer whose YouTube channel is called Greg's Puzzles where he presents his custom twisty puzzle creations. He has some simple puzzles but also many complex mechanisms, like the Greg Master Pentultimate, the Greg's Rosette or the Hardest Rubik's Cube to solve which has color changing stickers.

33x33 cube Gregoire pfenning

Interesting 33x33x33 Cube Facts

  • There are a total of 6153 3D printed parts and 6534 stickers which took 205 hours to make.
  • Each layer is 4.1 milimeters thick.
  • You would need 1331 (!!!) 3x3x3 cubes to build a 33x33x33 structure.

Watch the video of its creator making a checkerboard pattern to prove that it's fully functional:

I have good news if you're looking for a Christmas present because all of Greg's puzzles will be available for sale.