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Our Winners

The winner of the first round, Benjamin with his new puzzles.

benjamin puzzles

Timo, the winner of the second round.

timo norrkniivila rubiks cube

The Big Summer Challenge is meant to keep you busy and entertained during the summer. You will have to take pictures, watch movies, solve puzzles, come up with ideas while learning, having lots of fun with your friends and your Rubik’s Cube.

Complete the tasks below to enter the competition!

1. Picture Challenge

Take a picture for each title and briefly explain them in your workbook. Use your imagination.

11. The Rubik’s Cube at a tourist attraction.

12. An animal with a Rubik’s Cube.

13. The Rubik’s Cube in an unusual place.

14. An unusual cube.

2. Creative Challenge

In this section we put your creativity to the test. Please fill the workbook with your answers and take pictures if requested.

21. Take the Rubik’s Cube Quiz and add 3 new puzzle-related questions with 4 possible answers, the first one being correct.
Your questions must be different from the existing ones.

22. Design a Rubik’s Cube shaped house and describe it in your workbook. You can draw, build a LEGO or Minecraft house or use any other method to illustrate your idea. Take a picture of your design. There are many Rubik-shaped buildings which you can use as inspiration.

23. Invent a trick / magic trick with the Rubik’s Cube and explain it. If you can’t come up with a Rubik trick you can simply describe an existing magic trick with the cube. Take a picture if that helps you explain your idea.

24. Describe how you would popularize cubing if you would be the advertising executive of Rubik™.

25. Come up with a new puzzle-related task/question for the next round of this competition.

3. Hard-working Challenge

Prove that you’re hard-working by completing the tasks below.

31. Watch any movie featuring the Rubik’s Cube. Spot the scene with the cube and briefly describe what happens in the following scene in the movie. This way you can prove that you’ve found the cube in the film.

32. Create a new Rubik’s Cube pattern. You can combine existing models. Make sure that your invention is not listed already (check the second page of the pattern gallery too). Calculate a short algorithm for your pattern with the solver and note it in your workbook.

33. Use the 15-puzzle maker to create a fun and challenging sliding puzzle with a new image. Add your custom link in the workbook.

34. Add the link of to a website. The link needs to be clickable and accessible without login. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites don’t count because that would be too easy. Try to find a forum, comment section, blog which allows you to add the link.
Note the URL of the page where you added the link so we can check it.

35. Find a solution for the scramble below which is shorter than the scramble (27 moves). You can use the online Rubik’s Cube solver to calculate the solution for this question.
F B2 R’ – D2 B R – U D’ R – L’ D’ F’ – R2 D F2 – B’ U F – B’ L2 U2 – L2 F’ B – U2 L2 U

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