We Have A Winner!

First of all I’d like to say thank you and congratulate all who took the time and effort to enter our competition. Everyone who completed this task would deserve a prize, especially those who submitted more than one article, but unfortunately we can only award one of you.

winner cube3x3

We received many funny stories, like the one about  a cube fallen into the toilet. Most of you shared the memory of how you met the cube and why you started cubing. Others wrote about their favorite puzzlethe most popular being the 3×3, while some of you prefer the Megaminx, the 2×2, the Pyraminx, the Ghost Cube etc. proving the variety of twisty puzzles and that each and every one of them offers a different challenge. Reading about your favorite cubers confirmed that speedcubers like Feliks Zemdegs can have a huge impact on young cubers lives and they can motivate others to start speedsolving.

After reading all the entries multiple times we’ve decided to pick Benjamin Voller-Brown to be the winner of the $100 puzzle bundle. He has a unique writing style, submitted an entry for all categories and he put a huge effort in all his works. The winning article is about his favorite Rubik’s Cube. I don’t want to spoil it, go ahead and read it. All his stories worth reading, for example The Race That Changed Everything or the one in which he named his best friend to be his favorite speedcuber (just like Andy in his article). Congratulations to Ben for his well deserved victory and we’re looking forward to posting an image with him as he receives his puzzle bundle.

Those who haven’t won this time will have another chance in the second round of the competition which is now open! The Big Summer Challenge contains 14 small tasks which you’ll have to complete before August 23 2017.

The Big Summer Challenge

Benjamin’s reply:

I received my new cubes yesterday and I absolutely love them! I have already started working on the second round, and cannot wait to finish. Thank you for an amazing first experience with the webshop. Because of this experience, I have already reordered. Attached is the picture of me with my new cubes. Thank you for the thoughtful mentions about my article.

puzzle wishlist

Benjamin has received his shopping list.