Announcing the winner of the second round

We’ve closed the second round and now it’s time to announce the winner. We haven’t received so many entries for this round but all the 12 cubers who entered the competition would deserve a prize because they all put serious effort in completing the tasks. I believe that you all had a good time working on the questions and this is what matters!  I’d like to say thank you and congratulate all who took the time and effort to enter our competition, but unfortunately we can award only one of you.

winner cube3x3

Picking a winner proved to be a real challenge because almost everyone had an outstanding answer/solution for at least one question. Daphne’s house design, Marina’s cat picture or Yusuf’s movie recommendation (which I watched and enjoyed really much) are all worth mentioning. Zac took the cube from the USA back to Budapest, to its birthplace and took a picture with it. Eli was the only one who managed to solve the scramble in 16 steps.

Timo’s trick was an outstanding stunt. When I saw him solving the Rubik’s Cube behind his back riding a bicycle I suspected that he might have swapped the scrambled cube with a solved one. I had to check his WCA profile to see what he’s capable of. When I realized that he has completed a 5x5x5 cube blindfolded on a competition and has a 9/11 multi-blind score I knew that his bicycle trick wasn’t a hoax. According to one of his quiz questions, there are roughly 280 cubers who had succeeded in the 5x5x5 Blindfolded event, and he’s one of them. Timo completed all tasks and gave really good answers to all of them. He has put effort in the solutions so he’s officially the winner of the second round.

Timo has received his wishlist

Two weeks after this announcement Timo Norrkniivilä has got the prize and he sent a picture with his collection completed with the new arrivals.

timo-norrkniivila rubiks cube collection

Congratulations, Timo!

Keep your eyes open for the third round. Those who haven’t won this time might have another chance.