Eric Lee

A Funny Story about the Cube

Eric Lee (USA)

I know the Category says to tell a “Funny” story about the Cube, but I haven’t really got any. So instead I’ll tell you a few other stories that may or may not be funny depending on your “Funny” standards. Bare with me.

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Sol Sutter

The Weirdest (and funniest) cubing day of my life

Sol Sutter (14, USA)

Today I’m going to tell you a story of perhaps the weirdest (and funniest) cubing day of my life. It was your typical Monday morning, bad hair, didn’t finish my homework, woke up late and overall I knew this day was going to be terrible. Continue reading “Sol Sutter”


A funny story about the cube

My first experience with a Rubik’s cube was when I was about 2. I had no idea what it was, all I knew was that it was bright and colourful. I introduced it to my teeth straight away. Hello Mr Colourful, how are you doing today? I’m fine, thank you Mr Teeth. Needless to say, that cube didn’t make it far. Continue reading “TH”

Shashank Naik

Funny story about the cube

Shashank Naik (12, India)

When I received my gift from my uncle, I was really happy. I had asked one for my birthday and my uncle remembered to get it. I did not know how to solve it. I would make four turns and then reverse it. One day my friend scrambled the cube totally. I was completely confused and had no idea how to solve it and moreover the centers had fallen off. I checked a few tutorials on how to solve the cube and followed it step by step.
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Mikael Soh

Once upon a time…

Mikael Soh (12, Singapore)

Once upon a time, there lived two adult 3x3s, one a female and the other one a male. As it turned out, both cubes fell in love and they got married a month after they started dating. After about a year, the two cubes had a baby! They were very excited as there would now be another cube in the world(they were the only ones back then). Unfortunately, when they saw the baby, they were not prepared to see what they saw. Their baby cube was born scrambled! His body parts were moved all around and he was very ‘jumbled’.

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Daniel Evans

A funny story about the cube

Daniel Evans (UK)

One day in early 2015 I had got a new 3×3 for Christmas; a Moyu Aolong and it was OK but was not what I expected and may well have been a fake. I heard that if you loosened the tensions, cubes could be faster. So I tried it out and my cube was way faster, but it popped a lot. I decided to leave the tensions really loose and went into school. I solved it in under 40 seconds so I thought it was great and then went to run Cubing club again.

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Tyeson Bouaphaseuth

A Funny Cube Story

Tyeson Bouaphaseuth (12, USA)

You are standing in your room staring at the damned twisty puzzle. You ask yourself why it is so meticulously crafted to incite frustration and misgivings. You glance at your nearby alarm clock until you realize you’ve been cursing it for the past 20 minutes. Then a brilliant idea comes into your troubled brain. The Google. The Google knows everything. You sprint out of your room to retrieve your laptop as you wonder why you didn’t think of this before you uttered profanity at the little devil for 20 minutes.

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Yohaan Master

A funny story about the cube

Yohaan Master (10, Singapore)

This incident happened on the sixth of March, earlier this year.

4th grade was reaching its end, and we were more or less passing time till the end of school. Our teachers handed assignments that we finished in the wink of an eye, and finally resigned to giving us free time.

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