Andy Liu

My Favorite Cuber

Andy Liu (13, Canada)

A lot of cubers tend to prefer the “cubing celebrities’ in this world, over the average, run-of-the-mill type cubers like me. Us cubers see these “specials” as inspiration, motivation to keep cubing and to achieve world-class speedsolve times. These “specials” would include the fastest cubers, like Feliks Zemdegs, Mats Valk, Lucas Etter, and renowned cubing YouTubers, dubbed DGCubes, RedKB and others.

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Anonymous from USA

My Favorite Cuber

(21, USA)

My favorite cuber is Steven Brundage. Steven has not only mastered the art of solving puzzles, but he has also mastered the art of illusion. Steven is a well known cuber who combines cubing and magic to create something truly unique. Steven has created his own tricks with cubing and brings something to the magic community that has never been seen or done before. While Steven may use illusions in his performances, a lot of what he does involves skill that has taken thousands upon thousands of hours to perfect and create.
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Toby Perlstadt

My Favorite Speed Cuber

Toby Perlstadt (11, USA)

You are probably expecting me to say someone like Feliks Zemdegs or Mats Valk, but my favorite cuber is actually Yu Da Hyun. She is a Korean cuber and is insane at the megaminx and has the world record of 33.17 seconds. She also has the megaminx world record average with 37.25 seconds.

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My Favourite Cuber

I wish I could say that I am my favorite cuber, but that would be a lie. My favorite cuber is Feliks Zemdegs, and for a couple of reasons. One reason is because he holds nine world records! I mean, who wouldn’t look up to someone like that? Another reason is because when I think of Feliks Zemdegs, I think to myself, “I really want to be like him.” I have always looked up to Feliks, and I probably won’t stop.

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