Marlon Somersall

Why I started cubing

Marlon Somersall (10, USA)

I started cubing to be better than my sister at something and to be the only person in my class to know how to solve the cube. I did not start speedcubing until the day after I learned to solve the cube because somebody in my class learned how to solve it on the same exact day, which is pretty rare, and he could solve it around the same time as me.

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Aryaansh Rathore

Best selling magic cube to unlock magic power

Aryaansh Rathore (12, UAE)

One day, I had gone to my sister’s school fair. Getting bored, I decide to explore the stalls. One was selling cubes. Well, one type. I went and picked it up, and this is what the label read – “Best selling magic cube to unlock magic power”

I did not know anything about cubing, and I asked my dad if we could buy it, and after some time, he gave me the 20 AED /- Overjoyed, I rushed to the stall, and bought it. I ‘accidentally’ scrambled it, and the first thing I did when I went home was – Opened cube explorer and searched for the optimal solution. And I was happy with a solved cube. But then I scrambled it on purpose, and embarked on a journey to fight boredom. It took me days, weeks but I learnt to solve it. The cube distracted me from boredom, and then it became like an addiction. Seriously, it was so relaxing that I even spent HOURS a day cubing. My friend also joined me, and learnt F2L. I was amazed at the ingenuity of CFOP. (Well, I averaged 1 minute 30 seconds). Two weeks later, I was averaging sub-50. I was really happy at how the cubing community gladly accepts newer cubers. And I also remember when getting a 1 minute solve was good 🙂

Edie Newstead

Why I Started Cubing

Edie Newstead (9, Australia)

About a year ago my brother tried to teach me the cube because he loved it and I was interested. So we started and me, being me got sidetracked very easily and lost interest basically straight away (once I’d learnt the white cross.) Continue reading “Edie Newstead”


Why I started cubing

I guess I started cubing off of jealousy. When my friend came to school one day with a Rubik’s cube and asked me to scramble it, I did. When he took it back and solved it, I was amazed. I also must admit that I was jealous. Continue reading “MJ”


Why I Started Cubing

Dominic (10, Philippines)

During the late months of 2016, cubing became popular in our school. Colby, my classmate became the first cuber in our class. He amazed my classmates and I by solving the cube in less than a minute. Continue reading “Dominic”

Anonymous from USA

Why I Started Cubing

(21, USA)

I started cubing primarily because I was addicted to gaming. Although gaming is enjoyable, it has become too easily accessible with the wide use of smart phones that enable a person to access apps anytime and anywhere.  I recognized my addictive behavior and decided I needed another enjoyable way to get my mind off school and work.
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Jayden Smith

Why I started cubing

Jayden Smith (15, New Zealand)

About a year ago, one of my classmates at my school bought his 3×3 to school one day. I didn’t really notice or care all that much, but a couple of days later, some other classmates, inspired by the first, brought their cubes to school as well. Continue reading “Jayden Smith”

John Churchill Dizon

Why I Started Cubing

John Churchill Dizon (14, Philippines)

I started cubing because of I was so amazed to those people who can solve a Rubik’s Cube and many more twisty puzzle and why did I get amazed? Well because I’m a honor student from our school until now and I got influenced by people around our school especially my classmates and then I realize that Continue reading “John Churchill Dizon”

Shashank Naik

Why I started cubing

Shashank Naik (12, India)

The Rubik’s cube fascinated me. I used to think that the cube was magical and a person who could solve it was a pure magician. I was interested with the colour combinations and thought that if I could solve everyone would be surprised.
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Daniel Avichail

How did I get into puzzle solving

Daniel Avichail (31)

So, how did I get into puzzle solving? It all started in late 2012, when I came across a Ukrainian talent show on Youtube. The contestant started off by asking one of the judges to scramble a 3x3x3 cube, after which he proceeded to do a blind solve on it. If that wasn’t impressive enough, in the next part of his act he unveiled one hundred scrambled 3x3x3 cubes, each of them numbered from one to a hundred. He had memorized all of them the night before and asked the judges to select any one of those hundred cubes, which he would then proceed to blind solve from memory. Watching him solve that cube left me no less impressed than the judges and audience at that show! Although I had seen Rubik’s Cubes before, this was the first spark that would soon pique my interest in learning to solve twisty puzzles.

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Daniel Evans

Why I started cubing

Daniel Evans (UK)

My mum taught me how to solve a cube in late 2012. After learning how to solve a cube, I got faster and faster than my mum, but I did not yet realise that I was a cuber as I had not met any other cubers yet. There was a younger kid at my primary school who learned how to solve it and when I tried his cube it was way faster, but soon I forgot about that until I entered secondary school. As I got to know more people at my new school, some shared an interest in cubes and I tried their cubes and they were faster, so I got faster cubes too. My time decreased so much, it nearly halved and this renewed my interest in cubes. At break I would race, but I never seemed to win.

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Asa Grigsby

Why I started Cubing

Asa Grigsby (12, USA)

Why I started Cubing. This a question that often crosses over my head from time to time. Why did I start cubing? Luckily, this a question with an easy answer. I first started cubing around the time of fall/winter of 2016.

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