Adrian Gian Barredo

Why I started cubing

Adrian Gian Barredo (13, Philippines)

Last year, I transferred to another school which is my school this coming S.Y 2017-2018. I was really having a fun time with my classmates during school days. We were always playing physical games, or any kinds of board games. We never spend a day not talking to each other nor playing unless if its weekend.

We were always having a great time until one of my classmate introduced the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube (not the specific Rubik’s brand). Some of the boys were tempted to play one, so they bought their own cube. I felt like a nobody that time because I never knew how to play a Rubik’s Cube so all I do was to watch them play. So I bought my own 3×3 cube which is the Moyu Yongjun and started learning from YouTube.

I never understand any of the video so I asked one of my classmate where he learned to solve a Rubik’s Cube. He recommended the tutorials from Paradox Cubing so I learned some techniques of solving a cube but I learned mostly from the tutorials of Mats Valk. So I was about to show off in school but it was the last day of school of 2017 and none of them bring a single cube so I wasn’t able to show off. So, this summer, I keep practicing basics until I can solve it until sub-50. Then I tried to learn some advanced methods. I learned some methods mostly from Ruwix. My objective was to be sub-30. I keep cleaning and lubricating my cube but I never got sub-30 with my cube. So I searched in the internet what cube is the best then I found one which was the Qiyi Moffange Valk 3 and I was like “Should I buy a cube worth 20$?”, so I bought the Qiyi Moffange Valk 3. I started timing myself again and again until I got sub-30. I was very happy with it as well as my parents but wasn’t able to show off to my classmates.