Asa Grigsby

Why I started Cubing

Asa Grigsby (12, USA)

Why I started Cubing. This a question that often crosses over my head from time to time. Why did I start cubing? Luckily, this a question with an easy answer. I first started cubing around the time of fall/winter of 2016.

I had recently found a Rubik’s cube under my little sister’s bed, and I had been playing with it. After failing to solve it, I was determined to solve it. I watched tutorials online.

After about two weeks of trying to solve it, I finished it, and I was hooked. At that point, in my mind I had decided that I would conquer and solve as many cubes as I can.  But why? Why did I start cubing? Well, the first reason came when I finally solved the cube. Solving it made me feel amazing. Upon turning the cube into the solved position, I jumped up, ran around, and showed everybody in my house. This feeling was such a good feeling. It was a feeling of accomplishment, relief, or most likely a mix of both. This feeling got me hooked on cubing, and this feeling was bound to come when I got new PB’s, winning a competition, or simply solving a new cube. This feeling is one of the reasons why I cube.

The second reason is because it’s a perfect hobby for me. I didn’t have any other hobbies other than gaming and reading at this point. Cubing became the ultimate pastime for me. It was something I could do on the go, and I wouldn’t have to spend all day in my room. This was also a good hobby for me because for my age, I’m pretty smart, so these new challenges that I would be playing with every day were the perfect way to work my brain. My final reason is that it’s gives me a chance to learn something new and special that other people can’t do. Not many people can solve a normal Rubik’s cube, so the fact that I can do something that many people can’t do gives me enough self-esteem to continue cubing.

That’s why I started cubing, and my parents may hate how loud the sound of the cube is, or I may not be the best, but I’ll continue to cube until the feeling it brings fades.