Benjamin Voller-Brown

My Favorite Cuber

Benjamin Voller-Brown (15, USA)

My favorite cuber is someone who has helped me through tough times, someone who has fought by my side, and someone who will always be there for me. My favorite cuber is my best friend, Roshan. I taught him how to solve a couple of months ago, and so far he has memorized everything. He is averaging about 2 minutes but is not practicing very much because of his many advanced placement tests.

The first reason he is my favorite cuber is because cubing has brought us closer together. I gave him my favorite and most memory-filled cube, my Rubik’s brand cube. My old Rubik’s brand Rubik’s Cube brings triumph to whoever is using it, and the only true thing to do with a cube is to pass that happiness to others. He has thoroughly enjoyed the initial cube and has passed it on to his sister, giving him the same excitement while teaching others that I had. This love for teaching others how to solve the unsolvable has brought us closer.

The second reason Roshan is my favorite cuber is his dedication. He fits in at least a couple of solves per day, even when he is very busy. Even if Roshan is on a busy schedule, in the morning outside of our first classes, we solve our cubes. This time we spend together, even when we are both so busy with school, shows that he cares about something I am so passionate about. This dedication shows me that he cares and that he is truly a great friend.

While some may look up to a famous cuber, attracted to their winning ways, my favorite cuber is close to home. My favorite cuber cares about others and makes me and my passion a priority. The cube has helped cement our friendship for a lifetime. Our friendship grows as our times lessen. The best type of cuber is someone who is always there for you and that person for me is Roshan.