Aryaansh Rathore

Best selling magic cube to unlock magic power

Aryaansh Rathore (12, UAE)

One day, I had gone to my sister’s school fair. Getting bored, I decide to explore the stalls. One was selling cubes. Well, one type. I went and picked it up, and this is what the label read – “Best selling magic cube to unlock magic power”

I did not know anything about cubing, and I asked my dad if we could buy it, and after some time, he gave me the 20 AED /- Overjoyed, I rushed to the stall, and bought it. I ‘accidentally’ scrambled it, and the first thing I did when I went home was – Opened cube explorer and searched for the optimal solution. And I was happy with a solved cube. But then I scrambled it on purpose, and embarked on a journey to fight boredom. It took me days, weeks but I learnt to solve it. The cube distracted me from boredom, and then it became like an addiction. Seriously, it was so relaxing that I even spent HOURS a day cubing. My friend also joined me, and learnt F2L. I was amazed at the ingenuity of CFOP. (Well, I averaged 1 minute 30 seconds). Two weeks later, I was averaging sub-50. I was really happy at how the cubing community gladly accepts newer cubers. And I also remember when getting a 1 minute solve was good 🙂