Vidhur Jagadeesh

A Funny Story about Cubing

Vidhur Jagadeesh (12, USA)

I have a lot of funny stories about cubing. So many, that in fact I think that’s why it was created.

The most funny, was one race I had with my friend at my Rubik’s Cube Club. We were doing a tournament against each other with a bracket and all and I was expected to make the championship. I started the timer at the same time as my competitor, who had a better cube than me. I was doing the top layer (I solved the cross on the top then turn the cube around back then) when, all of a sudden- POP! My cube had popped!

I knew I should have checked the tensions! Well, too late now.

I was really tempted to stop the timer and lose, but I decided against that because I didn’t want a DNF. I put 2 pieces back when, “oh crap! I messed up!” Yes, my competitor messed up so badly that he had to start over. I fixed my cube as fast as possible (thankfully I put everything in the right place!) and finished the solve! I won!

Pays to not give up!

Anyway, that is one of my funniest solves, but I have another. I was on vacation, in a rental car and was cubing. It was our last day and 10 miles from the airport. I was doing a solve, when my center cap fell out! Like how does that happen? When we stopped to get gas I looked for it, as it fell under the seat in front of me. It was not found, even with a flashlight.

When we got to the car return I did a last second check and still it was lost. We left the car, and to this day, my cube has no center cap. What’s really funny is that I was not even touching that side and the cap was fastened in good. I don’t know what happened and why!

Those 2 events are definitely the funniest I’ve has since I started cubing.