Robert McLane

How I met the cube

Robert McLane (20, USA)

Since my early years of life, I have always been fascinated with problems and how to solve them. Rather it be math homework, or a squeaky door at home, I was always up for a challenge. I lived a relatively simple life; playing video games, doing well in school, and wearing wrist bands as a fashion statement.

I came upon cubing when I was about 7 years old and faced it the same way as any other kid my age; confused and frustrated. Unfortunately, I did not prevail in solving it, but this was not the end. When entering middle school, my close-knit group of friends and I all went to different schools. I was nervous to begin school because I had my friends with me all the time and now I would face a new world on my own.

When lunchtime finally came around during the first day of school, I scanned the entire cafeteria looking for someone to sit with. I noticed a table with a couple guys from my classes, so I sat down and tried to make conversation. They were less than interested and I felt hopeless.

The following week, one of the same boys from that same table brought a Rubik’s Cube and began solving it. I was amazed and when I got home, I shuffled through my old toy bin to find my cube. After a week of practice, I was finally able to solve it and became good friends with the table. We began having competitions at school and it became a huge craze. Everyone had a Rubik’s Cube and was trying to solve it faster than my friends, including myself. To this day, I am still very close to this group of friends and I owe it all to the Rubik’s Cube for joining us together.