How I met the cube

Ishaan Preet Singh Ahluwalia (India)

Well I was probably 8 or 9 when one day my cousin arrived at our house. With him he bought a Rubick’s cube with him. Neither of us knew how to solve it so it was just two boys throwing the cube around the house. When he left, I got myself a cube of mine (it was not a Rubick’s brand one). I used all my wit to just make a single but I was left with no success. Later when dad arrived took the cube and solved one side of the cube in a 1 minute or so. So later that night, dad taught me how to solve one side. Next day I took the cube to school and showed off my new skill. Many kids bragged that they can solve the whole cube but they were just jealous.

 After some time me and dad tried to solve the whole and ended up on the Rubick’s cube website. That day I was left with awe as I saw dad solve the whole cube. When I tried to solve by using the solution guide I screwed a dozen times because I was not able to keep up with l the algorithms. But later some I learned to solve the cube with the solution guide. Later after some time I wrote down all the steps and algorithms on a small booklet and started carrying it around. When tried to learn I was not able to go any further than the cross. So my written solution guide was still in handy.

On my 10th birthday I asked mom to buy a 2*2 as my present. I and my dad were now on mission to solve the pocket cube. It was relatively easy for two of us to solve it.

After that I forgot about cubing for 2-3 years

This year in January I went to World Book Fair with my mom and there I saw a stall there which was selling books and toys. Going to that stall I found a cube it was stickerless one so it was new for me so I bought it. Later in February I learned to solve the whole cube. On 25th Feb I went to my first WCA comp. There I did some of my some memorable solve of 1:11.1 (one minute eleven point one second)

On April 6th, my birthday I ordered a valk 3 as my birthday day gift for myself

My name is Ishaan Singh and my PB is 48.99 secs