Gavin Claypool

How I met the cube

Gavin Claypool (18, Germany)

Okay, let’s start. I met the cube when I went to USA. I was born there and my hole family lives there(except my parents), but I live in germany. So, when I spend my holidays in Kentucky my aunt bought me a rubiks cube. First I was really excited, but 2 weeks later I was not interested anymore. I just could solve the first two layers. One time I solved it, by peeling of the stickers.

Then, 5 years later, my friend came to training with a cube. I thought I was good because I could solve the first two layers. I told him that but he just laughed at me. He could solve the cube in 1:12 minutes at this point. So I were interested again. I bought a good cube cause my cube from USA was really bad. So i started cubing. Today I can solve the 3×3 in 17 seconds. That’s my story how I started cubing.

Other information: My favourite puzzles are the 2×2 and the helicopter cube. My favourite cuber is Feliks Zemdegs. My favourite timer is the cstimer, the Prisma Puzzle Timer and the Ruwix timer. I hope you enjoyed. Bye