Jack Dvorak

A Funny Story

Jack Dvorak (13, USA)

One day I was competing at a Science Olympiad competition, and to past my time I brought my Moyu 3×3. I went into the cafeteria and this one kid that I was supposed to compete against, came over to me.

We were talking about cubes and such, and I told him how my cube never ever pops. So I gave it to him, and at that time my best time was 54 seconds, and his was 35. He took his first move, and it popped and went all over the place. We both started laughing and searching for the pieces.

That day was a great day, because I met a fellow cuber. Later that day I was eating some cereal, and my mom had somehow gotten my cube, and tried to put it on top of my head. It fell off right into my cereal. I got mad or course, but now we laugh it off.