Jai O’Connor

How I Met The Cube

Jai O’Connor (13, 02OCON2017, YouTube)

One day, I was watching TV. I was flickering through the channels and found a Rubik’s Cube advertisement. I stopped flickering to watch it. After I watched it, I was inspired. I wanted to get one. But I didn’t know speed-cubing so I was basically a non-cuber.

I brought the Rubik’s Cube from my local Target store and on the way back, I scrambled it and tried to solve it on the way home.

I never got around to solving it and it was only solved once by my teacher who used the guide from the Rubik’s website. I was in shock. I tried to do it at home but I was stuck at the cross.

I couldn’t understand a little bit. I tried again and again for 3 years. Then, I just gave up and took it apart. Don’t know how but after it was disassembled, I tried to put the cube back together.

Sadly, the last corner piece broke. I was just staring at the broken corner piece. I tried to find super glue but failed.

In 2017…

I received my first speed-cube. The Shengshou Rainbow 3×3.

It was a good cube back then but it got worse and worse. The corners twisted and it popped a lot. But I did learn LBL on it. I was averaging 2 minutes to 1:30. I was happy at the time, but I needed a new one.

Few weeks later…

I got the YJ Yulong from Procubes.com.

It was an amazing cube and still is with the help of lube. The turner is spectacular and I managed to make my average around 30 seconds which is astonishing for me.

I also got my first sub 10 solve. After that, I got more cubes like the MoYu Pyraminx, MoYu Skewb and MoYu LingPo.

They’re all my main speedcubes and have good times with all of them.

Pyraminx= 10 second average
2×2= 6 second average

3×3= 30 second average
Skewb= 7 second average
That’s how I met the cube.
Favorite Puzzle is the Gan 357

I hope you like this.