Joshua Í Brekkunum

How I met the cube

Joshua Í Brekkunum (14, The Faroe Islands)

The first time I actually saw a Rubik’s cube was when I was about five years old when a friend of my mother’s was solving it and I thought to myself I will never solve that.

I started to solve a Rubik’s cube was when I was eight years old, but then I only had a cheat sheet I did not know how to memorize algorithms I did that for like a week and then I forgot about it.

But now is six years later I saw a speed cube unboxing and didn’t think much of it I started watching other cubing videos and it started to interest me, so I downloaded an app where I could solve the Rubik’s cube after about three weeks doing that I asked my mother for a Rubik’s cube for Christmas, I got to use it right away since I knew what I was getting I thought that was the most amazing thing in my life a new Rubik’s cube in which I could solve without a cheat sheet.

I had the Rubik’s brand for two months and I got to sub-45 and I started to realize this was not taking me anywhere, I was stuck at sub-45, so I though everyone I talk to have speed cubes why don’t I buy one, so I did a lot of research into speed cubes for budget cubes, then I saw this one cube called the MF3rs, and so I asked people on Discord what they thought was the best budget speed cube and they said the MF3rs so, I went out and bought the cube along with a 2×2, a 4×4, a skewb, a fisher cube, and a Yuxin mat and timer.

After receiving the cubes my 3×3 average has gone down to sub-22 over the course of three months.