JP Fortaleza

How I Came Across Cubing

JP Fortaleza (15, USA)

My name is JP Fortaleza and I have been cubing for about one year now. The first time I first encountered the Rubik’s cube was when I was seven years old. My grandma was playing with one and she had solved one side. I tried solving it but did not have any success with the other sides. Fast forward seven years. During this time there was a kid I had to babysit. This kid had one of those large night light Rubik’s cubes. This was the second time I wanted to try again to solve it. After getting so frustrated i decided to search up how to solve it.

Eventually I solved his night light Rubik’s cube but still couldn’t memorized all those algorithms. Then I bought my own cube from the Toys R Us, a Rubik’s brand. After a whole month has passed by I have memorized the whole beginners method. There was only one time when my dad had caught me looking at my phone trying to memorize algs. In school I had a friend that new how to solve a Rubik’s cube and when he solved it he solved it really fast, well at the time it was fast.

After seeing my friend solving it that fast I wanted to see and understand how to achieve that. On Youtube I remember searching “Rubik’s cube world record”. The first one I clicked was a video on Feliks Zemdegs. I was so amazed on how he solved it in under ten seconds. Till this day I am nowhere near ten seconds. Over the course of another month I finally understood how to get under a minute, I averaged about fifty-seconds. After buying my first knockoff speed cube I then averaged forty-seconds. After watching so many cubing videos by crazybadcuber, theprogrammingcuber, hashtagcuber, etc. I had improved so much.

Before summer started I bought one of the famous Moyu Aolong V2’s. At one point I stopped cubing and practicing for a while. How I came back was a friend was trying to learn beginners method and i helped him a little. At the moment i averaged about thirty-five seconds. I wanted to learn more and get much faster so I watched more videos. Then i decided to learn full pll. Today I still don’t know the all the G-perms. Now my best average is 23.461, and pb is 17.361. This is how I got into the cubing world. Thanks for reading.