Kaidrich Keolo Pobre

17, Philippines

1. Pictures explained

11. Tourist attraction:
The picture was taken in front of Libingan ng mga Bayani(Graveyard of Heroes) in Taguig City, Philippines. It commemorates the national heroes of the Philippines.

graveyard of heroes

12. Animal:
This was a fun one, my cube is swimming around with our pet fishes, he was with Goldy, Nemo and Fishy. (little sister named them all)

fishtank 3x3 submerged

13. Unusual place:
Where would you least expect a cube? The toilet would really be a place you hope never to see your cube in.

kaidrich keolo pobre

14. Unusual cube:
You can find this big cube in Fairview Terraces, here in the Philippines, it’s so cool to see a cube this big and still be able to turn it, well just the horizontal layers but it was still a cool experience nonetheless.

feel love cube

2. Creative challenge

21. Quiz questions
Question 1: Who was the first person to get an official sub-10 average?
correct answer: Feliks Zemdegs
incorrect answer 1: Erik Akkersdijk
incorrect answer 2: Mats Valk
incorrect answer 3: Kian Mansour

Question 2: Who has the best sum of rankings for both single and averages?
correct answer: Jayden McNeill
incorrect answer 1: Feliks
Zemdegs incorrect answer 2: Antoine Cantin
incorrect answer 3: Max Park

Question 3: What event has the longest standing record?
correct answer: 3x3x3 Multi-Blind(single)
incorrect answer 1: 3x3x3 One-Handed(single)
incorrect answer 2: Rubik’s Clock(single)
incorrect answer 3: 3x3x3 With Feet(single)

22. House design explained: I saw this proof of concept years ago and maybe the building has already been built, imagine you live in an apartment and then you grow tired of your view outside, well with a flick of a switch, why not you make your whole floor move and turn to another side.

twisty building

23. Trick explained:
With the innovation of Magnetic cubes, I have come up, and already used, a trick with them. I used my magnetic 3×3 and removed the core of it but I kept the caps on using some tape hidden inside. I then used this cube and placed a ring inside, just as a gift to my girlfriend and then I made the cube look scrambled and gave it to her and as she turns the cube, she was surprise to see it collapse and have a ring inside. We both shared a laugh afterwards.

24. Advertising plan:
My idea of an advertising plan is to expose the cube through the internet, the best place for ads nowadays, using ads that are eye-catching and not something you’d want to skip, it should spark some interest in the minds of the viewers, something that will make them say “Wow,that’s amazing, now I want to learn how to solve too.”or something within those lines. Outside the digital world, I saw the potential use of Rubik’s cube in the classroom as an instrument for teachers, it would both bring exposure to the cube and help people learn.

25. Task for the third round:
A cool task that I can see people doing for the third round is to have them show the weirdest things they could add to the official roster of events. I for one could think of the feet blindfolded or simultaneous One Handed solves with both hands.

3. Hard-working challenge

31. Title of the movie and the scene described:
I have chosen the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” because it’s one of the movies that gives the best emphasis on the Rubik’s Cube as Will Smith solves the cube and explains how the cube works to Mr. Twistle, who is someone that says that the Rubik’s cube is impossible.

32. Pattern algorithm:
I call this the Hi all around, It’s actually quite fun to use as I’ve used as an ice breaker before.
U2 R2 F2 U2 D2 F2 L2 U2

33. 15-puzzle link:
[Link no longer available]

34. URL with our backlink:

35. Solution algorithm:
The solution has only 19 moves to it. Was funny to see that the scramble was some sort of pattern.
F U2 D2 R L U’ D F B R U2 R2 U2 F2 L2 U2 F2 L2 B2