Mikael Soh

Once upon a time…

Mikael Soh (12, Singapore)

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Once upon a time, there lived two adult 3x3s, one a female and the other one a male. As it turned out, both cubes fell in love and they got married a month after they started dating. After about a year, the two cubes had a baby! They were very excited as there would now be another cube in the world(they were the only ones back then). Unfortunately, when they saw the baby, they were not prepared to see what they saw. Their baby cube was born scrambled! His body parts were moved all around and he was very ‘jumbled’.

The cube grew up fine, but his parents could not find anyone to fix their cube. Years and years passed, and the child grew to be a very intelligent and clever cube. He did try to solve himself, but to no avail. Although his parents were cubes, they did not really understand themselves and they were never scrambled before. 

Twenty years after the baby cube was born, his parents finally found someone that could solve cubes! His name was Feliks Zemdegs. They scheduled an appointment with him to get their child solved. The day came, and there Zemdegs was, in his room. He was doing some practice as he had a competition coming up. The cube parents greeted him and he picked up the baby and said: “Woah, the Gan 356 Air UM!” Then in a matter of seconds, the cube was back in its solved state. “This cube is good!” Said Zemdegs, “May I use him for my competition?” The cube parents agreed.

So it was, on the day of POPS Open 2017. Zemdegs was talking to Mats Valk, another world-class cuber, about his new cube. Then the time came, it was his turn to solve. The inspection started, Zemdegs started to solve and when he finished, the whole crowd went silent for 2 seconds, and then started screaming! Zemdegs has broken the world record and had a timing of 4.73! Now Mats Valk believed that Zemdegs’ cube was good. The cube stayed with Zemdegs for the rest of his life and had good times with him.