Why I started cubing

I guess I started cubing off of jealousy. When my friend came to school one day with a Rubik’s cube and asked me to scramble it, I did. When he took it back and solved it, I was amazed. I also must admit that I was jealous. I wanted to learn how to solve the cube, so I started by coming up with my own way of solving the cube. This method was basically based off of the thought that if I solved one side, it would all come together. I quickly found that I was wrong.

Next, I turned to YouTube. I spent so much time on the ipad watching tutorials that my parents had to ban me from the ipad for a while. One day, I invited my friend to my house, and he showed me a very helpful guide that taught me the Friedrichs method. It took me about a month, but I finally did it. I learned how to solve the cube. From then on it was a matter of practice. On my second timed solve, I got a time of 1: 20.00, which was a big step up from my 2: 19.00. I was quick to realize that this was a better time than my friends’ best time.

From then on cubing has been a competition between us. I think that I am better, because I have better average times, as well as a better best time. When he switched schools, I was really sad. Not only had I lost my best cubing companion, but my best friend. We still meet to this day and compete against each other.