Ryan Wu

How I Met The Cube


This all happened when I was a kid. I was really into sports back then, and I really focused on cross country. I was practiced a lot and I got a place to compete in regional championships.

I soon realized that I have very quick hands. Then I saw this YouTube video of Feliks Zemdegs on his 3×3 world record solve. I was inspired after looking at that and decided I wanted to try it. I heard that these cubes were very hard to solve, and I never tried one before. So me and my sisters wanted to order one and we both got a cube for ourselves. I was not very smart back then, and decided on the original Rubik’s cube brand cube. I could not even turn it and my sister’s cube was so easy to turn that I literally raged because her cube was also cheaper then mines.

I actually learned how to solve the cube within 2 hours. After learning, I realized I needed a new cube. But my parents said no so I decided to oil the cube and it turned out great. I could solve the cube in about 40-50 seconds with the beginners method. I was not very efficient but I had quick hands. Soon, I discovered my talent. This is how I met the cube and getting introduced to speedcubing. Thank you to cube3x3.com and Ruwix. I hope I win!