Sammy Worlda

How I Met The Cube

The first time I saw the Rubik’s cube was a very long time ago, when my grandma gave me one from the 80s. I thought it was weird and confusing, so I chucked into my closet. A few years later, I was looking on Amazon, and I saw some weird-looking Rubik’s cubes. They looked cool, so I put them on my wishlist.

A month later, it was Christmas. I was eager to open up presents, and I got a Rubik’s cube! I put it away not to be seen again for a few months. However, in early 2017, my friend Ethan had gotten a Rubik’s cube, and he could solve it quickly. Then my friends Patrick and Adam learned too. Soon they could solve many other types as well. So i became interested. Soon, Rubik’s cubes became a 5th grade fad. Everyone brought them to school, yet most couldn’t solve them. So I looked online to learn to solve it. I mostly didn’t understand, but Youtube showed me the first steps. I went to Adam for help. He cleared everything up, and in a few days, I could solve it! I was eager to get faster and faster at solving it.

My first ever timing was 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Soon I did get faster! By April 10th, 2017, my record for the 3×3 was 2 minutes and 1 second. I kept practicing, and now, I have records for the 3×3, Pyraminx, Kilominx, 2×2, and Gear Ball. My records are 1 minute and 4 seconds for 3×3, 11 seconds for Pyraminx, 1 minute 42 seconds for Kilominx, 17 seconds for 2×2, and 42 seconds for Gear Ball. I am very excited and obsessed with cubing.

gear ball twisty puzzle

The Gear Ball Puzzle

My favorite cuber is Feliks Zemdegs, world champion of 2013, and he inspires me to keep practicing. That is how I met the cube, and how I learned to solve it.