Shashank Naik

Funny story about the cube

Shashank Naik (12, India)

When I received my gift from my uncle, I was really happy. I had asked one for my birthday and my uncle remembered to get it. I did not know how to solve it. I would make four turns and then reverse it. One day my friend scrambled the cube totally. I was completely confused and had no idea how to solve it and moreover the centers had fallen off. I checked a few tutorials on how to solve the cube and followed it step by step.

After a whole month when I was not able to solve it a number of things were coming into my mind. I first tried punching it, kicking it because of which my foot hurt, threw it around. I even thought of blasting it if it would get solved .I kept thinking of how to solve. I asked all of my friends too how to solve it but none knew to solve it. Then finally I asked my sister to ask one her friends. Her friend said that she would ask her brother and her brother said that he would ask his friend and so on. The chain just kept on becoming larger and larger. When it took a long time I had lost all my patience. I just threw my cube and disassembled everything and then it struck to me that I knew that the pieces had been misplaced and I could have done this long time before. I was completely headless. I thought about what I had done. I threw it, punched it and kicked it for no reason which had even sometimes resulted in me getting hurt. I told my sister that I solved the problem and was perhaps the silliest person.

The next day I asked my sister to tell her friend to stop scratching her head and to apologize for me .my sister told me that she was not even caring about it and had forgotten it too. My sister told me that I was the one thinking that others were breaking their heads for me. I was screwed up. Finally I was able to learn to solve the cube properly and was able to show others my solving skills.