Shashank Naik

Why I started cubing

Shashank Naik (12, India)

The Rubik’s cube fascinated me. I used to think that the cube was magical and a person who could solve it was a pure magician. I was interested with the colour combinations and thought that if I could solve everyone would be surprised.

When I was 7, I understood that there was nothing magical about it and it was just a simple puzzle which could be solved by anyone. I underestimated the cube. The same day my uncle bought one for me .He said me to enjoy myself and tell me when I solved it. I told him that I would show him the completely solved cube after two days. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into a whole year, yet I was not able to solve it. I accepted defeat .My uncle then asked me why I was sad during dinner. I told him that I was not able to solve the cube and felt that I was completely useless. My father then tried to encourage me saying that I was depressed for a very silly reason. He told me that I could solve it too, but I had to learn the method. I was overjoyed when my father said that I could learn it too and I could even teach my friends and cousins .He even added that I could win competitions that were held at school every year.

The very next day, I logged onto the computer and searched for a tutorial and started learning to solve. In no time I learnt to solve the cube in less than three minutes. I was so happy .When I started to go to school after the holidays, I told my friends that I had learnt to solve the cube .All of them were pleading me to teach them to solve it.

One day, I asked my father what was the reason that most people kept solving it. My father stated that by solving the Rubik’s cube continuously it would improve a person’s concentration and ability to remember more things. From that day I started to solve the cube every day in order to improve my thinking skills and concentration. As time passed I became a pro. I was able to solve it under forty five seconds. Soon I started to win the yearly speed cubing competition. I was known very well for being the fastest in our standard. I then started solving larger and different types of puzzles. I am very proud to know to solve various kinds of puzzles.