Thomas Beckwith

How I met the cube

Thomas Beckwith (16, New Zealand)

OK, one day I woke up wanting a Rubik´s Cube.

I asked all year for one and received one on Christmas day. This was like in 2011. I solved the cube for the first time 3 years ago and improved alot since then. Using the LBL method my high score was 61 seconds. Then I started learning CFOP and the score went down to 42.45 seconds. Now I know most  of CFOP my highscore is now 23 seconds. I so happy.

I cube as soon as i get home and any spare second i get. I take the cube on holiday, to school, always have on in my bag. Me and the cube have formed this unbreakable friendship that is special to me and i never want to lose it.

The best thing that has happened to me during this friendship is at school. I was just cubing and when i looked up once i solved it there was about 20 other students crowded around me and they all burst out cheering because i had solved something that supposedly impossible.

My friends love my cubing skills and whenever anyone sees a rubikś cube they are always reminded of me and they say ¨the trend has caught on Thomas¨. I have many cubing moments and that is one of my favourite even though it is nothing too special. I had a rubikś cube since 2016 and when i received my first speed cube (Moyu Aolong v2) i literally burst into tears and my parents thought i was weird because i was crying over a puzzle. I could not believe that after so many frustrating years playing with such a rubbish cube i was finally able to learn speedcubing methods and get faster times and become a speedcuber. Now i have a Moyu Aolong v2, a Moyu Weilong GTs and a Valk 3.

Cubing has become one thing in life that i am passionate about and something that you learn to love. From the moment that i opened my first rubikś cube,  knew that i was going to solve it. I did not know when, but i just knew that the little puzzle in the box was going to become part of my life but i did not know how much it would take. Alot it turned out to be and i can not thank my mum and dad enough for getting me a rubik´s cube because the puzzle gave me some hope in life. For that i thank everybody throughout my cubing journey so far, because it has not ended yet, and here’s to my cubing future.