14, Canada

1. Pictures explained

11. Tourist attraction:
Even though this is not a public attraction only a very select few may come in here (my family) and enjoy the attraction of the Cube seat a very puzzling design, they do tend to use this place quite a bit so I think it would be safe to say it is a tourist attraction.

twigs jesse rosner tourist attraction

12. Animal:
My dog Chopper very intently observing everything except the cube, he has no interest in it what so ever, one time he even tried to bite it and growl at it so I don’t think it is his thing.

cubing animal

13. Unusual place:
Hmmm, I must have vacuumed over my mini cube, definitely wouldn’t see that everyday.

rubiks cube vacuum

14. Unusual cube:
This unusual cube tends to wake me up in the morning, to bad you didn’t have to solve it to turn the alarm off, that would be an adventure.

twigs unusual rubiks

2. Creative challenge

21. Quiz questions:

Question 1: How many axles is in the Rubik’s cube?
correct answer: 3
incorrect answer 1: 43 Quintillion
incorrect answer 2: 13 1/2
incorrect answer 3: 1

Question 2: How bad does Twigs want this prize?
correct answer: A lot, Twigs is very exited to see who wins, hoping every day it will be him.
incorrect answer 1: Not at all
incorrect answer 2: He didn’t even enter
incorrect answer 3: Could care less

Question 3: Who eventually solves the cube in Wall-E
correct answer: Eva
incorrect answer 1: Mo
incorrect answer 2: Wall-E
incorrect answer 3: The cricket

22. House design explained:
My house is located on a private drive with a few trees and flowers, it has 43 windows so lots of sunlight can get in and be enjoyed, it has many colours because I think a house should be a happy, fun place to live and enjoy, the Rubik’s cube house brand is the Dayan Zanchi because that is the only brand cube I have. Hopefully this contest can expand my cube collection.

cube house

23. Trick explained:
Using this scramble: D L2 R2 U L2 U2 R2 U L2 U’ B2 U2 F’ L’ R2 D U2 B’ R’ D’ R2 D2
All you need to do is compete the 2 edges and corners which is done in 11 moves and then do T perm you can do this trick blindfolded it is very easy to do and will impress many people, a very simple solve will shock and amaze many while solving the cube in a little under 5 seconds.

24. Advertising plan:
Place flyers on all my neighborhood doorsteps and arrange a community cubing club, anyone can join and learn to solve the cube, there could be a free meal because who doesn’t like free food and prizes and contests, it could be a great family event and a great community builder to get to know everyone around you and build friendships over the Rubik’s cube. Have ads on YouTube that show someone impressing their friend so it makes people want to do that too.

3. Hard-working challenge

31. Title of the movie and the scene described:
During the Tucking in of the Young Sam Flynn (Owen Best) by his father (Jeff Bridges), the camera captures various parts of the bedroom. In the closet, a Rubik’s Cube is placed among other toys in the scene which is a very interesting puzzle to be seen a this point in the film.

32. Pattern algorithm:
I call it the HI pattern because it makes and H on both green and blue and if you do a rotation it makes an I on both colours creating the word HI Algorithm: * Hold green facing you with white facing up * M2, U2, M2, U2

To solve: * Hold green to wards you with white facing up * M2, U2, M2, U2,

33. 15-puzzle link: [Link not available]

*I found this challenge hard I kept trying to complete this fun task but my computer software won’t let me complete it, hopefully I can still be entered.*

34. URL with our backlink: I posted it in the comments my Youtube name is Jesse Rosner

35. Solution algorithm:
The solution to the scramble is only 19 steps (I had to use the online solver)
F, U2, D2, R, L, U’, D, F, B, R, U2, R2, U2, F2, L2, U2, F2, L2, B2,