Toby Perstadt

Two Funny Stories About the Cube

Toby Perlstadt (11, USA)

It was my friends and I sitting in study hall cubing as usual. My friend Asher was timing himself on 2 by 2 with my timer while I recorded him on my phone. He seemed to think that he could break the world record. He took solve after solve but he could not do it. I started getting bored just watching him get 3 second solves. “No!” I heard and saw the timer say 0.72. I knew he was getting close. The weird thing was that at lunch he said, “I’m getting that feeling that I’m going to get the world record today.” Is he psychic or something because I was recording and heard “OH MY GOD!!!” (panting) “He got the world record” I shouted. The room exploded. “He did it!” “He got the world record!” “Did you record it?” I had recorded it. The time was 0.45 seconds. The bell rang 2 minutes later. Other 6th graders swarmed him and me. It was crazy. I had to show around 20 people the video. In the end it was a tiring day.

Asher is definitely psychic. Or he has the power to curse people like he did to me. I was at recess and we were cubing. “Do you want to learn a perm?” he asked me. “Teach me one,” I said. “Do you know E perm?” he asked. He showed it to me. “I have never gotten that in my life.” I said.“I don’t believe you.” he replied. He walked off to lunch then. The next day I was solving and I came across an E perm. Then two more! This is logical, right? Does Asher have powers? Obviously not. This is a crazy coincidence. Supernatural abilities are not a thing. The day after that I got two E perms. Now everything is fine. It has past. However, after all this I still don’t know E perm.