Tyeson Bouaphaseuth

A Funny Cube Story

Tyeson Bouaphaseuth (12, USA)

You are standing in your room staring at the damned twisty puzzle. You ask yourself why it is so meticulously crafted to incite frustration and misgivings. You glance at your nearby alarm clock until you realize you’ve been cursing it for the past 20 minutes. Then a brilliant idea comes into your troubled brain. The Google. The Google knows everything. You sprint out of your room to retrieve your laptop as you wonder why you didn’t think of this before you uttered profanity at the little devil for 20 minutes.

Seeing your laptop you realize your dog has decided to relieve itself on it. Befuddled, you run for the for the sink, laptop in hand, wiping off the fecal matter with a tissue. After insuring it was sanitary to use, you sprint back to your room and hastily boot up the computer. Next you load The Google, typing in the search engine the words “how to solve a rubik’s cube.” when you realize in your haste you actually wrote “hie tu sokce a rugik’s cub.” You force yourself to retype the sentence with grace. You click on the first website that appears. You scan the website for the answer. Finding none, you click the back button and find the next site. But all you can find are confusing diagrams and strange vocabulary like “cubie” and “algorithm.”

You’ve reached the point of failure. You loudly scream profanity until your neighbor returns the favor. In your rage you grab your cube and hurl it out the open window. Hitting your neighbor in the process. You decide to go to bed.

The next morning you find yourself in a white room with a one way mirror and a table. On the table is a bloodied Rubik’s cube. Congratulations, you’ve been admitted to mental illness ward. You idiot.