Online Skewb Simulator

Hey Skewbers! Play online with the Skewb twisty puzzle using this simulator. Hit the Scramble button and try to solve the cube yourself using the rotation buttons.

You can see an unfolded Skewb on your screen with the classic Rubik's Cube color scheme. Use the small arrow-pairs above the corners or hide them and use the rotation buttons below the puzzle to do the rotations. You can also apply a random scramble or reset the cube to the solved postition with the allocated buttons.

Notation of the Skewb

skewb cube puzzle wca notation Skewb ScramblerIn 2014 Skewb became an official WCA event and the following notation has been approved.

Every bottom corner is marked with a letter: L (left), F (front), R (right), B (back). The letter by itself means a clockwise one-third rotation around the corner. If the letter is followed by an apostrophe we are talking about a counterclockwise turn. Turning only these four corners we are able to solve the cube turning everything around the top center piece which stays in a fixed position.

Have fun!

Hide arrows
  • L
  • F
  • R
  • B
  • L'
  • F'
  • R'
  • B'
  • Y
  • Y'
  • X
  • X'
online Skewb simulator
A Skewb puzzle