Rubik's Clock Puzzle Simulator

The Rubik's Clock is not such a common puzzle but it's still used on official WCA competitions. If you don't have one you can still try it with this online Rubik's Clock simulator.

You can see both sides of the puzzle mirrored at the same time so you don't have to spend time turning it back and forth. Rotate the hands in the desired direction clicking the arrow buttons. This will do a 1/12 (one hour) rotation in the desired direction. Click the yellow buttons to change their position on either side of the puzzle. If you push one button in you will see it coming out on the other side of the Rubik's Clock. The position of the four buttons determine which hands turn when you scroll a gear.

Scramble the Rubik's Clock with the corresponding button and try to solve it online using the controls presented above.

Have fun!



Rubiks Clock puzzle
The Rubik's Clock