Online 3D Square-1 Simulator

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This is the one and only online 3D Square-1 cube puzzle simulator. Use your mouse or swipe to operate cube or turn the top and bottom faces with the Q, W, A, S keys and press Space to slice.

If the site doesn't display anything then try to open it in full screen or use the simplified version below.

Unfolded Square-1

The unfolded Square-1 simulator shows the puzzleso you can see all pieces of the top and bottom layers, even the ones in the back. The middle layer is visible from only one point of view because the front position determines its shape. The middle left piece is always in a fixed position, only the right side is moving when you do a slice.

Notation of the Square-1 puzzle

You can manipulate the puzzle with the arrows or you can do the same twists and turns with the buttons below the Scramble / Reset buttons.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Q - up inverted
  • W - up
  • A - down inverted
  • S - down
  • E, D - slice

The program allows you to rotate the upper and bottom layers in one twelfth steps aka 30 degrees in two directions, and can make a sclice move if the thicker corner pieces allow this in the upper and bottom layers and they don't block the puzzle. Don't try the drag and drop because it's not working yet.

Scramble the Square-1 with the allocated button and try to solve it yourself using only the arrows. If you don't know how to do it you might find useful the tutorial on how to solve the Square-1 puzzle.

Have fun!

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Learn about the Square-1 puzzle here.