Aryaansh Rathore

A funny story about the cube

Aryaansh Rathore (12, UAE)

During a class, I broke out my cube to solve quietly minding my own business as I had completed the assignment.

The teacher proceeded to yell at me for bringing in “that pointless, moronic child’s toy to waste time in her classroom”. I responded by asking if she could solve one, to which she immediately scoffed “no!”. I replied “Well then maybe you shouldn’t be so condescending, considering this is, according to you, a product aimed at children!” 

I did not have my textbook also, as I was leaving school after a term and thought it would be a waste of money to buy textbooks, and the teacher also shouted at me ” you can’t get a textbook, but there are 100 toys in your bag! Don’t you have shame?” And I responded with “well, I have spent all my money on buying your so called toys, so if you have any money then please give me, I can buy more toys” 

I was an instant celebrity.

It felt pretty damn good but it probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve done 🙂