Benjamin Voller-Brown

16, USA

Picture Challenge

The Rubik’s Cube at a tourist attraction.

This is my first speed cube at a main tourist attraction in Arizona. The Arizona Railway Museum is dedicated to the railroads of Arizona and the Southwestern United States. It has an extensive collection railroad rolling stock and artifacts. My favorite pieces there are the “Southern Pacific Railroad Locomotive No. SP 2562”, “Tender No. 8365” and the “Railroad Steam Wrecking Crane”. Trains have always been interesting to me and my favorite memory of me with my family is when we took the Polar Express, which is a christmas themed train to the “North Pole”. I was met by Santa, and got to try reindeer food. The reindeer food was a clever guise to get me to eat carrots.
railway station
An animal with a Rubik’s Cube.

This is a fish with a Fisher’s cube. This picture shows my personality along with my punny type of humor. This Fisher’s cube has always dazzled and surprised me with its colorful shape shifting ability. The fish rolled its eyes since I said a pun as soon as I took the picture.

fish cube pun

The Rubik’s Cube in an unusual place.

This is my Rubik’s Clock on my Grandfather’s clock. While, I did not know my grandfather for long, our love for wordplay still is in my heart to this day. This clock symbolized the hard work he had to fight for and the time we have with each other. My Rubik’s clock symbolizes the safety from bullying and my love for mechanics. My love for him is engraved in my heart like his name on the back of his clock.

rubiks clock

An unusual cube.

This is definitely an unusual cube. This is a cube that came from Hong Kong, China. This cube has different colored dragons on the sides. This was given to me by my friend who I have not seen in years. He got this cube during 端午节. This is a chinese festival where the citizens praise family and friendship. He sent me this cube because we are like family together. I cannot wait to see him next year!

hong kong dragon cube

Creative Challenge

21. Quiz questions

How many combinations can a rubik’s cube have?
Over 43 quintillion
Less than 20 Million
More than 20 Million
None of the Above

Which Cube has more combinations?
Bandaged Cube

Which cube was designed first?

Rubik’s Cube shaped house

This is a minecraft cube. It took many hours to make, which I spent talking with my friend in Hong Kong. It was amazing finally seeing a finished cube. It is made with many different wool blocks.

Trick / magic trick with the Rubik’s Cube

This magic trick can be seen by Steven Brundage on America’s Got Talent. He magically solved a Rubik’s cube in less than a second.
His trick was he applied the algorithm: U’ D L2 U B2 D2 B2 D2 L F’ U D’ R U’ F2 L F’ B’.
This scramble on a solved cube keeps 3 sides the correct colors and the other three are mixed up. This picture shows the different sides.

magic trick 3x3x3

Advertising plan

I would create a new Rubik’s cube challenge. This would be similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, having people who can solve a rubik’s cube submit a video and for every video sent, money would be donated to charity. This would not only benefit the community, but it would also benefit the people who learn how to solve. They would learn the benefits of the Rubik’s cube, bringing whomever learn how to, closer together.

Task/question for the next round of this competition

For the next round I would recommend the “design a new puzzle challenge”. This would be where one would design a new concept for a cube, and possibly, if one has the tools, to create the modification themselves. Another idea could possibly be to write a persuasive essay to your WCA delegate on why they should add a new puzzle or event to the WCA competition.

Hard-working Challenge

A Rubik’s Cube scene described

The infamous rubik’s cube is spectacular, not only among species, but among mechanical objects. The wonder filled cube of color can be seen in the movie Wall-E. This further develops the idea that robots can have emotions because throughout the movie, he falls in love with EVE. In the following scene, he watch tv because of a sandstorm. The toy-to-some and puzzle-to-all, can make anything confused, however with a little persistence, one can turn it from a confusing color to a beautiful masterpiece.

New Rubik’s Cube pattern invented

This algorithm creates an elegant difference to the usual cube in a cube in a cube trick. Because of the alternating colors, it appears more elegant.
The algorithm is: R2 U2 R2 U2 R2 U2 Y R2 U2 R2 U2 R2 U2 E’ M2 E M2. This is an extremely beneficial algorithm. The triple “R2 U2″s aid in F2L pairing and creating and X-Cross; valuable skills to become faster. Also, the E’ and M2’s allow for a possible Roux solver to practice their double M2 layer flicks.

x-cross pattern


I decided to use a picture of multiple different cubes with the checkerboard patterns. These patterns show disarray that can be fixed rapidly with focus and dedication, something that can relate to global politics currently.

Add the link of to a website.

Find a solution for the scramble

F B2 R’ – D2 B R – U D’ R – L’ D’ F’ – R2 D F2 – B’ U F – B’ L2 U2 – L2 F’ B – U2 L2 U

I got the answer: F U2 D2 R L U’ D F B R U2 R2 U2 F2 L2 U2 F2 L2 B2  with 19 moves.