Mervyn Teo Ye Hang

13, Malaysia

1. Pictures explained

11. Tourist attraction: I took this photo at Tangkuban Perahu vulcano.Its elevation is 4000m and located at 30km north of city of Bandung ,Indonesia.

Tangkuban Perahu

12. Animal: My rubiks cube enjoys riding on the goat.


13. Unusual place: It is unusual to see a cube inside a tree,

cube tree

14. Unusual cube: Why this cube has lost a corner piece?

no corner cube

2. Creative challenge

21. Quiz questions

Question 1: Which is the mother of all shape mods?
correct answer: fisher cube
incorrect answer 1: axis cube
incorrect answer 2: windmill cube
incorrect answer 3: ghost cube

Question 2: Which is not a cube made by YJ company?
correct answer: weilong
incorrect answer 1: sulong
incorrect answer 2: chilong
incorrect answer 3: yulong

Question 3: Which is an algorithm to solve the sune case?
correct answer: RUR’URU2R’
incorrect answer 1: RU’R’U2RUR’
incorrect answer 2: R2D’RU2R’DRU2R
incorrect answer 3: RUR’DRU’R’D’

22. House design explained:
each layer is a story.I uses the core of each cube as an elavator.the colour of the last story varies due to weather change while others will change when other people is approaching.The pieces will popped out when enemies is attacking my house revealing the weapons inside to defense.there is also a balcony for me to relax.the house is 6 storys high.

cube drawing

23. Trick explained:
First,put a scambled cube in a bag.When you take it out,it is solved. Actually,you put an identical cube in the bag before.You can use his to trick other people as it is unnoticeable.

24. Advertising plan:
Create a tv channel which only talks about rubiks cube.

25. Task for the third round:
Design a new 3×3 cube.This cube must be excellent in speed ,corner cutting, stability ,anti pops and lock ups.

3. Hard-working challenge

31. Title of the movie and the scene described:
I’ve seen THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. Chris Gardner solves a rubiks cube in a cab to impress his employer.He solved it and the other people are shocked.In the next scene,he gets ut of the cab and they are wondering how he solve the rubiks cube.

32. Pattern algorithm:
R’ D2 R L D2 L’. It is call matching pictues.

33. 15-puzzle link: [Link no longer available]

34. URL with our backlink: I have added the link to

35. Solution algorithm: FU2D2RLUDFDRU2R2U2F2L2U2F2