Vidhur Jagadeesh

Why I Started Cubing

Vidhur Jagadeesh (12, USA)

There are 2 main reasons to why I picked up a cube and decided, “Okay, I’m really going to solve it this time”.

The first reason is because one day my friend comes to school and shows everyone that he can solve it. Sure, it took him a long time compared to the world record and he needed an algorithm sheet, but it looked downright cool. It looked cool, but it was not enough to motivate me all the way. However I did pay attention to my cube a bit more, learning about Felix Zemdegs and how there are many speedcubes, that are better than my Rubik’s brand. Then, it was New Years Eve and my dad comes up and says, “If you learn to solve that cube, I will buy you anything you want!” Now that was enough to motivate me!!!

I went to and decided to print the guide, so I could do it all the time. I worked for about 1 hour each night and one and a half days later I had solved the cube!!!

Now I just had to memorize it. At first it seemed that it was going to be a daunting task. However, going one step at a time, I found it was quite easy. At last!

The cube that I had once thought was impossible was solved by memory! In a short time of one week! I had thought you had to be superhuman to do it. Now I could. I kept on practicing, and one week after that I got an average of 1:10 minutes.

I went up to my dad and asked that my prize is a speedcube. I selected the cyclone boys 3×3 because my friend had one.

Next I started going faster and faster to an average of 55 seconds. I started learning PLL and OLL and got to an average to 43 seconds!!!

I really like that I started cubing and really wish it was more popular. I am at a 43 second average and have been only cubing for four months! It is a very easy and fun challenge and is very good for your brain plus muscle memory!! Oh, and if you were wondering, the friend I talked about can solve it faster than me and we both created a Rubik’s Cube club at my school.

What’s really funny is that I started cubing to get a prize, while now; I do it all the time!