Dakshansh Chawda

How I met the cube

Dakshansh Chawda (15, India)

As a small kid I have always been curious to know about everything around me. I get attracted to everything that seems challenging.

The very first time I saw the Rubik’s cube was when I was in kindergarten; just a four-year old kid. I saw something colorful in the hands of a boy. He was twisting it and turning it a lot of times. As he was elder than me so I did not ask him about it. Therefore I did not know what it was called but it was the first time I saw the cube. After this incident I never saw the cube. Months passed by and soon I was in grade one.

Then in the summer vacation we planned to visit my grandparents. So on a planned day we went to the railway station with all our bags. While we were waiting for the train I started getting bored. To kill the boredom my father took me to a shop to buy some comics. While looking for comics my gaze fell upon the colorful objects kept on the shelf. I had a vague memory of them. It seemed to me as if I had seen them somewhere; soon I recalled that it was the same object that I had seen when I was in kindergarten. I asked my father what it was. He said that it was a Rubik’s cube; a puzzle game.

I asked about the aim of the puzzle. He said that the goal of the puzzle was to return the cube to a state in which each side has a single color on it after it has been scrambled. It seemed challenging and more interesting than comics. I asked him if we could buy the Rubik’s cube instead of the comics. At once he purchased it. This was how I actually met the Rubik’s cube.

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