C.J. Charlebois

An Easter Cube

C.J. Charlebois (17, MN, US)

For many years my grandmother has tried to rekindle our childhood Easter spirit. Forcing us to do many things, including an Easter egg hunt. Sadly, the youngest member of the family is 16, and the oldest 42. Never the less, she keeps on trying to get us into the Easter spirit.

New candies, new eggs, new fancy dinners, anything. To be honestly, it is kind of adorable. For the past few years she has resorted to putting actual money in the eggs to coerce us into giving it our all.

I found a total of thirteen Easter eggs, getting me eleven dollars. After the great egg hunt, we all sat around the table to hang out and count our winnings. My cousin took out her bag filled with all her cubes. Her newest addition to the collection was a gear cube ultimate. I had never been able to mess around with one of these, so I immediately grabbed it out of her hands. She explained how she meant to buy a normal gear cube, but ordered the wrong product. She told me I could totally have it… For eleven dollars. Obviously this was a joke, but without looking away from the cube, I reached out with my other hand, searched around on the table for my new wad of cash, and threw it at her. I then proceeded to spend the rest of our day focusing only on this new cube; much to my family’s chagrin. It took me a few hours, but eventually I was in fact able to solve it that same day. (With the help of some algorithms online).

All in all, I feel I had a very successful Easter this year. Now if only my grandma could get Easter eggs large enough to fit cubes into…