Eli Jay

14, UK

1. Pictures explained

11. Tourist attraction: This a picture of a cube overlooking Jerusalem, this photo in particular is taken overlooking the Muslim quarter with the dome of the rock in the background

eli jay united kingdom

12. Animal: A square-1 and my dog, Casper

black dog casper

13. Unusual place: This is a cube in a bin, this is an extremely rare sight and very unusual place to see a cube of any sorts

trash bin

14. Unusual cube: This is a Mefferts Molecube keyring, it solves similarly to a sudoku cube, this is in an unsolved state in the picture

mefferts molecube keyring

2. Creative challenge

21. Quiz questions
Question 1: Which of these Celebrities doesn’t know how to solve the Rubik’s cube
correct answer: Donald Trump
incorrect answer 1: George W Bush
incorrect answer 2: Chris Pratt
incorrect answer 3: Justin Beiber

Question 2: Minh Thai was the first ever world champion with a time of 22.95 seconds! But what method did he used to record that time
correct answer: Corners First
incorrect answer 1: Layer By Layer
incorrect answer 2: Edges first
incorrect answer 3: CFOP

Question 3: The Square-1 has 3 different designs across the six faces, but which puzzle uses the top and bottom face of the Square-1 on all sides?
correct answer: Brillicube
incorrect answer 1: Rainbow Cube
incorrect answer 2: Square-2
incorrect answer 3: Sudoku Cube

22. House design explained: My house design would feature moving rooms that work in a similar fashion to the cube, this design would not be evident on the outside so you would never know where anything was until you were inside the house.

23. Trick explained: When someone who doesn’t cube sees me cubing, I often ask then to count how many moves I do, one of the funniest things is their guesses when you do a very quick R U’ R, this looks like 1 move to the untrained eye and can often trick them into saying 1 move, but when you slowly do the inverse they see that you actually did more

24. Advertising plan: Use some king of google ads to advertise a contest on social media, in which people have to film themselves trying to solve the cube, and then nominate someone else to do the same with a hashtag like RubiksChallenge. This would get the Rubik’s back into popular culture, and around with all ages all around the world.

25. Task for the third round: New Rubik’s cube shape or sticker modification idea

3. Hard-working challenge

31. Title of the movie and the scene described:
Despicable Me 3, in this movie the main villain is an 80s themed baddie, and he is equipped with a bomb, however this bomb has a different kind of timer on it, once he activates it, you have a matter of seconds before the cube solves itself on the floor in front of you, and proceeds to explode. Most of time the Cube is utilised in a more ‘peaceful’ manner, but it was still cool to see a reference to such an iconic puzzle in this mainstream film

32. Pattern algorithm: 3 face mess
B L2 B’ U2 B F2 U L U B U’ R U’ B F U’ R D R B’ U’
(20 moves), I think this is the optimal solution

33. 15-puzzle link:
[Link no longer available]
It is quite hard

34. URL with our backlink:
Click on postings, then on a post, and you will see the URL, it also appears on all of the over 100 posts I have made

35. Solution algorithm: U’ F’ R’ D’ L’ U’ B R F L D B D F B’ R’ (16 Moves)