Eric Lee

My Favorite Cuber: 343

Eric Lee (USA)

Out of all of the Cubers in the world, here are my top favorite cubers:
-Crazy Bad Cuber
-Nathan Wilson

Jr Cuber:
The Reason why I like JrCuber is, when I was first starting of Cubing, I watched JrCuber. He always had good unboxings and reviews. So whenever I wanted to wondered the performance on a cube or whether I wanted to buy a cube, I could count on JrCuber.

Crazy Bad Cuber:
The Reason why I like Crazy Bad Cuber is similar to why I like JrCuber. Both Channels are very good and have a decent amount of Puzzle Reviews with very high quality and details. They explain everything so well that if I want a cube, and they say positive traits about it, I will want the cube even more.

Nathan Wilson:
The Reason why I like Nathan Wilson is of his craftsmanship. While he doesn’t do that many reviews, it is really cool to see what he can do with a cubes that not many other people can and his end products are very good looking and seem as if they were actually made by Moyu or Shengshou, or one of those top tier Cubing Companies. He knows how to work many tools and looks very professional while doing it. He explains his process and what he is doing at that exact time. With the quality being very good, and the puzzles turning out great, he is one of my favorites out of these 4.

Cubeorithms is actually run by 2 people. Red and Blue. Both are very good at solving cubes and have a decent amount of cubes in their collection. I really enjoy them because they always crack me up and it is very pleasing to watch their videos because I know they will put reviews in their own special way. Even though they aren’t as big as some of the other channels I mentioned today, they are still very funny and are up to par with them.