Eric Lee

A Funny Story about the Cube

Eric Lee (USA)

I know the Category says to tell a “Funny” story about the Cube, but I haven’t really got any. So instead I’ll tell you a few other stories that may or may not be funny depending on your “Funny” standards. Bare with me.

So it’s the beginning of 7th Grade or this school year. I had taken a little break from cubing but wanted to get back into it because I knew how much fun I had. I looked everywhere for my faithful, Dayan Zhanchi, and couldn’t find it. Ok, so my brother immediately wanted a new cube after the Dayan Zhanchi arrived at my house for me, since he wanted a faster puzzle too, so my dad ordered another one for him also, what a nice dad. When it came, I could immediately tell the difference between my cube and his. Mine was more Clickity-Clackity type of feel and fast, but his more Gummy and butter and not as fast. So the difference was pretty noticeable. Back to the story; I couldn’t find my cube at all, so I resorted to using my brothers Dayan Zhanchi. Although I didn’t like it as much, it was all I had. After using that for a couple of months, I started to miss it. It was March by now and I wanted it so much. I looked in my basement, the first floor, and every room in this house, including the upstairs. My brother asked me what I was doing and I said that I was looking for my cube. He gave me a good-luck pat and went on with his work.

Thirty minutes later, he came to me. By now, I gave up and looked out my desk window, moping and being depressed. He told me, I have your cube. And I won’t go into details about what I did, but you can kind of imagine. That Dayan Zhanchi was my baby. If anything happened to him, I would go insane (Kind of like what I did in the story). He said that actually, his friend had it because he brought both, his cube and my cube to a sleepover and that friend wanted to learn the how to solve a cube. Without my consent, he volunteered my Dayan Zhanchi, My Baby, and let him borrow it. He didn’t even tell me afterwards. He made me wonder where it was for the whole summer, and for seven more months. So in total, 10 months. Luckily for him, he was meeting his friend at the library in a hour or I would’ve done something VERY bad to him. He came back with my cube in hand, and I was once reunited with my Baby. Although it had a lot of scratches on it now, the big circle in my stomach was finally sealed.

Another story that I had with my Cubes are, I started bringing my cube to school again. My best friend, Nick G (The Guy mentioned in my kind of Introduction paragraph), new that, that was my thing, but he never really tried it. I went to his house and remember that his mom bought him a cube also because when I got a cube in 3rd grade, he wanted one too. I told him to bring it to school and taught him how to solve the cube. Now, he is getting under a minute and knows intuitive F2L and wants to learn how to do PLL.

My last and final story about cubes is a little bit, what’s the word…heartbreaking. As I told you before, My Dayan Zhanchi was my baby. I went to gym, my last class of the day, and put my backpack in the Men’s locker room like we are suppose to, and headed to gym. I thought, I don’t need to use my locker, I’ll just put my backpack at the far corner of the locker room and no one will steal my stuff. (By now, I already forgot my locker combination and where it even is). When I came back from gym, I looked in my backpack to grab my Zhanchi. It wasn’t there. I searched frantically all around the locker room. Nothing. I was “heartbroken.” When we came back to school on Monday, I saw little pieces of colored plastic in the parking lot. (My Dayan Zhanchi was stickerless). I thought to myself, “It Can’t be”. Sure enough, it was the broken pieces of my beloved Dayan Zhanchi. I now have the center caps in a container on my desk. This kind of happened to other cubes too. I got a Carbon Fiber Cube with a YJ Yulong base for my Birthday. It got stolen and the Carbon Fiber Stickers peeled off, but because of my “Contingency plan” I now have it back.