Marissa Baney

My Favorite Puzzle

Marissa Baney (13, USA)

Many people are surprised and amazed when I whip out a cube from my backpack and solve it in front of them. The majority of the human population can’t solve cubes. At least the female population.

But I can.

As a thirteen-year-old girl I can solve the 2x2x2, Pyraminx, 3x3x3, Megaminx, Mirror Cube, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5. With 11 cubes, my cube collection is very small but mighty. When asked what my favorite puzzle is I would assume most people would think that my favorite puzzle is the easiest one, the Pyraminx, because I am a girl. But I am not afraid to take a challenge.

My favorite puzzle is the Megaminx.

megaminx know how to solve

I learned how to solve the 3x3x3 Megaminx in 3 days. I know I am not much of a speed solver, but I always try to finish all the cubes I have.

With all of the 12 colors on it, it is a real mind-boggling puzzle. When I first got it, it took me a night to solve all the layers except the last. The last layer was so confusing. I could only get the Oll completed. When I tried the PLL, I kept on messing up the solved layers. But, with all of the things that came with it in the box, I solved it the next day.

The colors are almost the best part of solving it. The pink is so pretty and the purple as well. I have never had a puzzle with purple. I love how each color harmonizes with the others until it is fully solved. Without the colors, the Megaminx certainly wouldn’t be as beautiful or challenging.

The best part of solving the Megaminx is when you get to the last step. The last step for me is making the corners flip. When I complete the algorithm, it has two steps. The last step ends with a U, U2, or U3 turn and when I am about to move it into place, I feel a feeling of immense accomplishment, like I won an award or contest. Even though I can only solve in 4:51, my times are improving rapidly, more than any other puzzle.

Overall, the Megaminx is an amazing and challenging cube that is my favorite above all other cubes.

I can solve the cube and I am not afraid to show it to others.