Aryaansh Rathore

How I met the cube

Aryaansh Rathore (12, UAE)

One fateful day, as I got into the bus, I saw this new guy. He was holding a Rubik’s cube. I looked at him and was like- “Can you solve that? My friend can do it in like three seconds”. He got annoyed for some reason. As I was a non cuber at that time, I did not know anything about cubing. I asked him to teach me his ways, how to unleash the power of the magic cube, and put me on the throne of cuber. Nah, I was more like – ” Hey, can I see your 3×3 ?” He was like ok. After messing around with it for some time, he taught me how to do a checkerboard. I was so happy with that new pattern, that I went home and bought a stickerless 3×3. On the product information it said YJ YuLong. I was like ….. Wait, isn’t Rubik’s supposed to be the best because they invented it, and then I checked out a Rubik’s brand. The price was a whopping 15$. ( I didn’t think much of pricing of cubes then) I was like WHAT! I thought you get Rubik’s cubes for 3-4$ only! So I bought the YuLong . I got it to school, and my friend started giving me cubing lessons. From that moment onwards, my life started circling around a cube. I got better and better, till I reached 1 min average. I also got my classmates addicted to cubing! One day, my friend got his qiyi Storm to school. Immediately, not knowing more than 3×3, I was like, woaaah, is that like a , 16? He was like what 16?

“No, your 16″
” WHAT? ”
“this big cube.”
He replied oh, that’s a four by four. I then learnt to solve a four by four and then started getting my times under 29 seconds. I now own a Gans and am very happy. Cubing is also why I wrote this poem –

Rubix Cubes

Rubix Cubes, Oh Rubix Cubes,
They’re something that I love,
Rubix Cubes, Oh Rubix Cubes,
They’re a gift to me from up above.

They’re so cool,
Come in various types too
Like the Pyraminx, Square-1
And the Skewb

They’re easy to solve,
Up till the ten by ten,
But the 22×22
Has more gears than the Big Ben!

Got some lube…..
Well put it in your skewb……
Take one of these to school…….
As they’re so, so cool!

The Rubik’s cube,
Such a maze,
Is sure to keep you
In a daze.

It blows the mind
Without a doubt
Just trying to work
Such patterns out.

Color coding
Is the game—
That each side
Would be the same.

One sure thing—
Add some lube.
What a challenge
That little Cube.

Rubix Cubes, Oh Rubix Cubes,
They’re something that I love,
Rubix Cubes, Oh Rubix Cubes,
They’re a gift to me from up above