Jared Hirt

How I Met The Cube

Jared Hirt (12, Canada)

I met the cube one fine Christmas morning in my stocking 4 years ago. When I first got the cube I was so excited, my first thought was yes I am going to solve the cube but it did not turn out that way.

It took about 2 and a half years to solve the cube.  About 2 years after I got it I took it to school and tried to solve it during recess and kept it in my desk, I got sick and left the cube at school for a week and when I got back it was gone! I searched my desk multiple times and people told me that it was a certain person which I will not mention here. I was so sad I cried a lot and my brothers said he didn’t even solve the cube once.

Then a very nice lady went and got me a cube out of the kindness of her heart. I was so happy I took a break from cubing for about a year then I went online and learned the layer by layer method I was so happy I shouted and my mom took a picture. After about a month of doing that I decided I wanted to be faster and learned CFOP and in a week or two I got 50 seconds and was so happy I could of cried but 3 weeks later I haven’t gotten past 50 seconds unfortunately but I am trying and I average 1:30 I still am trying to memorize algorithms so I can solve the cube faster and do f2l in under 30 seconds. But I am now working on speed solving a 5×5 which I got for my birthday and trying to solve the 2×2 in under 30 seconds which I also got for my birthday. One thing I know for sure I love cubing.

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