Anonymous from Malaysia

Why I Started Cubing

Rubik cube, also called as the Magic Cube in its early release, is the World’s best selling toy ever. Approximately one in seven people alive have played with a Rubik’s cube.

I have thought to myself when I saw my friend solving the cube that I would never be able to solve them. Watching him solve it almost blow my mind, let alone solving it myself.

I started cubing after watching Felik Zemdegs, the World Record Holder that time teamed with Gianfranco Huanqui in the “The Brain” China show. It was sheer curiosity of how they solve the cube that drive me to start cubing. It was also the urge to challenge myself to do something out of my knowledge, learning new things.

My first cube were those common cube that is not built for speedcubing. The first time I got my cube, I was speechless. I cant think of any way to solve it by myself. So with the strong determination to solve it, I searched for the method used to solve the cube through Google. Learning the notations is the hardest part of the solving, but after got the hang of it, for the first time, I managed to solve the cube.

The feeling of achieving something you thought was impossible is like getting the 3 star stamp on your homework when you are in kindergarten and bragging about it to your whole family. The joy, happiness, excitement was really overwhelming. It was after a month I perfected my beginner method that I was ready enough to start learning the advanced method called CFOP. Although I struggled a lot when learning the F2L but the challenge only make it more intriguing.

Unconsciously, cubing have been my hobby, even part of myself since then. The urge to strive to the top, to be the Alpha among the others is what that make me feeling determined. Cubing is also a cozy refuge when life gets difficult. I feel anxious frequently because of overthinking. Whenever I feel the need to run away or relax myself, I just turn to cubing. While I am playing, I can take my mind off whatever difficulties I am encountering and can believe in myself again.

Cubing is not your everyday toys, it was not meant to be. Through cubing, you can train your spatial intelligence, learn to believe in yourself, and also boost your confidence all while you enjoying it.

“If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.” Erno Rubik